We offer various tour packages either tailor made or you could select one of our popular itineraries chosen by our valuable guests in accordance to their desired destinations .
Hargeisa city tours
Guided taxi tour of major places of interest in the city limits eg
8:30am starting to visit our famous camel market , MIG monument, sheik Madar shrine , etc...
Visit our colorful markets (sauq ) like Waheen or Gobanimo which are vibrant and great markets that serve Hargeisa and the region , this is a must see while staying in Hargeisa .
walking tours. You can visit all important place and land marks within Hargeisa accompanied by one of our knowledgeable guides , immerse into this great city which is perfectly safe and easy .
unguided walking tours. You can venture out by yourself in other to discover our great city and it s people.
Hargeisa is a gem for either amateur or professional photographers , you can take photo of places , objects and people ; but make sure you first ask permission when taken people s pictures.

Near eastern circuit
one day trip [Hargeisa-Las-geel-Berbera-Hargeisa] visit Las-geel rock paintings then proceeding to Berbera . 6:30 am departing Hargeisa passing thru Las-geel then spending the rest of the day in Berbera , departing Berbera  before sunset and returning to Hargeisa in the evening
2 days trip [ Hargeisa-Las-geel -Berbera-sheik-Hargeisa] at 6:30 am departing  Hargeisa passing thru Las-geel and then proceeding to Berbera spending the night over in Berbera at 6:30 am departing Berbera to Sheik spending the day in the sireen and cooler climat of Sheik town ,at 3:00 pm departing sheik arriving Hargeisa in the evening.
Far eastern circuit
4 days trip  [Hargeisa-Las-Geel-Burao-Erigavo-Hargeisa ]departing Hargeisa at 5:30 am first a short visit at Las-geel then proceed to Berbera spending the night over, leaving Berbera at 5:30 am passing thru Sheik,  Burao  then directly traveling to Erigavo spending a day and half in the senic highlands of Erigavo area ie Dallo departing at 5:30 am passing thru burao and back to Hargeisa int he evening.
Western circuit
1 day trip [ Hargeisa-Arabsiyo-Gabiley-Borama] departing Hargeisa 6:30 am passing thru Somaliland s subsistence farmers , staying over in Borama for the day  departing Borama before sunset arriving Hargeisa in the evening.
Far western circuit
3 days trip [ Hargeisa-Borama-Zeila-Lughaya-Hargeisa] departing Hargeisa at 6:30 am resting and visit Borama departing Borama at 11:00 am arriving at Zeila before sunset camping the night over  , departing zeila at 3:00 pm arriving Hargeisa at 8:00 am .
All this itineraries are subject to change due to conditions of wheather and road conditions
Tours and Itineraries