Somaliland is a stable, independent and sovereign country about the size of England and Wales combined, with an area of 137000 Km2

Hargeisa a vibrant city being the political and economic capital with a population of 1.2M. Other main towns are Borama, Gabile, Arabsiyo, Berbera, Sheik, Burao and Las Anod Erigavo.

Somaliland shares borders with Ethiopia to the south and west, Djibouti to the northwest , and the gulf of Aden to the north with a coastline of 460 miles-740 km.

Since 1991, the year Somalilandīs sovereignty  was reclaimed, its people have embarked on a nation building  journey, which has earned Somaliland much respect and admiration, and has made Somaliland what it is today, a stable democratic country with functioning governmental institutions .