Frequently asked questions
1) is it safe in Somaliland ?
     yes very safe and zero crime rate .

2) do you need an armed escort when traveling?
     yes you do, when traveling outside towns " at he current
     moment it is mandatory ".

3) do you serve in neighboring countries?
     yes we do have affiliates in Djibouti , Yemen , Ethiopia .

4) do you arrange transportation to all  destinations in Somaliland and neighboring countries?
     yes we do,  and we help arrange for neighboring countries too at our doorsteps .

5) do you accept credit cards ?           
     no we only accept cash in us dollars/euros / Somaliland shillings and  Ethiopian birr 

6) could you arrange visa for Somaliland ?
     yes we can , provide you contact us 5 days in advance
    of your intended day of arrival .

7) can i travel on public transport ?
     not at the moment

8) can  i take photos ?
     yes you can with permission when taking peoples photos